New Year, New Direction

Lately I have felt frustrated with the lack of authenticity/vulnerability/interesting content that seems to be driven by a sale or the newest item du jour. I have no ambitions to monetize this site. I want a place to go to be inspired. To read new things. To get exposed to ideas/thoughts/movements.

Maybe it is because I am a writer at heart, and therefore inherently and relentlessly interested in people. And their stories.

Maybe it is because I am dreamer, and live for new ideas and pondering unanswered questions.

Or maybe it is because I am a poet, and capturing the consciousness of the world around me is so much more intriguing than any new trend or material good.

So for 2019, I am not going to sell you things. I may post a few suggestions, but materialism never brings true contentment. Investing in people, investing in our lives, investing in our talents—this is where we find meaning.

I am not going to follow any of the trends. Since I have no hopes of major success, I am free from any fear of failing. No ads. Limited shopping posts. No sponsorships.

Will anyone read this? Perhaps. The greater challenge is on me, to find content, stories, and beauty and bring it to you.

I am FINALLY going to write the blog I want to read. And maybe you will want to read it to.

As always, I make no promises. If you would like to see anything send me a message or leave a comment. What do you want in a blog…what would be the ideal “coffee break read” in your day?


Barbara LisetteComment