Over the weekend I decided to christen the ninth month of the year, “Slowtember”. The changing of seasons, the back to school mentality that seems to fuel a chaotic end to summer, the incessant to do’s and pending chaos of the is overwhelming. All the things I thought I “should” be doing were driving me insane. I want it all to slow down. I want to breathe and live this moment in life. I don’t want to rush to the next thing (for the first time in my life), or worry about the next thing. The secret of adulthood is there is always the “next thing” to worry about, to deal with, to do.

The world will never slow down, it is up to us to intentionally carve out time to just be slow. 


Busyness is often fueled by fear. At least this is true for me. If I don’t do something I will lose out; I won’t be prepared; I will be uncomfortable. Busyness begets busyness, so often I get so busy being busy, checking off mindless, never ending to do lists that are in reality a product of busyness. Why has “slow” become a cringe inducing word? Perhaps we have learned shun "fast" as being "bad"; yet we have rebranded it into “efficiency” or “embrace the hustle”. 

 All of this leads to burnout, not only of our physical bodies but psychologically as well. I expect trying to “slow down” will be uncomfortable.  However we need time to breathe, to rest, to recharge so we are ready for the new seasons and challenges that will undoubtedly come.  

Slowtember isn’t about achieving any one thing. All though I have made a list, it is about letting the lists be. Ultimately it is about prioritizing what truly matters.  

This "Slowtember" I want to: 

1. Encourage. Write that letter of encouragement; tell a close friend how much they mean to me, the gift they are to the world.  

2. Create. Paint without an end goal, without a project to complete. Immerse myself in the moment-to create without rules or expectations.  

3. Listen. Talk less listen more. Listen not just to people, but to the silence. Let the silence be.  

4. Adore. Sit at the feet of Christ. Sit in front of the Eucharist, not talking, not writing, not praying with words, just sitting. Know the time is healing and fruitful...not wasted.  

What are your “Slowtember” goals? Follow my journey on IG @barbaralisette #slowtember

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