1. Whether you are in a relationship or not, these 11 Habits of Healthy Couples are ones we should strive to implement daily. Several of these can even translate to colleagues, siblings, and friends! 

2. 13 Things You Should Give Up if You Want to be Successful is an excellent reminder that more is not always more.

On a religious side note: I  once heard the observation Christ knew his purpose, the final act of redemption by dying on the cross. This "YES" to his role as our Savior, enabled him to say "no" many times throughout the gospels. 

3. As 2017 is the year I want to get my finances in order, I will be following How to be Better with Your Money in Just 30 Days. 

4. Papa Francisco is at it again. This time he is renting a beach for the disabled. The beach is one of my love languages, and maybe his too. You can't help but feel your heart grow a few sizes.