Prioritizing April


March was full of challenges. Many days I felt I was in a here is to hoping April is lush and verdant. Goal Setting is productive in that it helps you, or at least me, to see ALL the things I need/want to do and to make a plan. However, it can also be discouraging when you don't hit those goals. Hence PRIORITIZING. As Shay Cochrane put it, Prioritizing is not doing ALL the things. It is choosing to focus your time and energy on those things most important to you. 


Looking back on March, there are three areas I fell short, and consequntly felt worse because of it. 

1. My Morning Routing

2. Exercise  

3. Healthy & Nutritious Meals  

I am not a morning person, however I hate feeling rushed in the mornings. When my morning begins on the wrong foot, no shoe fits so to speak. I NEED a routine desperately, but I invariably fail. So I decided to look at some of the reasons I was failing and make mini-goals to improve those areas.  

Weakness: Whatever Do I Wear Today??

Mitigation: Plan outfits weekly/Night Before  

Weakness: Whatever will I eat/bring for lunch??

Mitigation: Prepare my lunch, including breakfast the night before

Weakness: Getting home and then feeling  too tired to go to the gym.  

Mitigation: Pack a gym bag the night before and going straight from work.  


These three Mini Goals, should help me go a long way to achieving my top 3 priorities. So here goes a new month. My Birthday month. A good month. Here is to you April.  

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