Seasonal Survivability: Winter 1.0

Let's be candid and say that although Miami and Houston weakened/decimated any winter survival instincts I had, I have never liked the cold and shortened days. So I thought I would share with you a few survival techniques and products that help me get through these winter months. 



This may not be the most practical solution, however I contend fresh flowers or plants when everything is frozen and barren significantly impact your mood and positive outlook. Orchids can be an inexpensive flower that brings an exotic air to your space. I have one on my nightstand at home and my desk in the office. Bonus: If you forget to water plants (like me), they need minimal water, and this lack of attention is ideal. 


I LOVE this lotion. I buy the little $12 tubes and stick them in my purse/car/desk drawer etc. My cubical mate kept stealing some, so I gave him a tube for Christmas and he LOVES it too. So regardless if you are male/female, it works! I recognize $12 for a small tube  is pricey, but as part of my campaign for "reality" in a filtered world I only recommend those products I use and love daily. A single tube generally last me the season. Trust me it is worth it. 

3. CASHMERE. It is a luxury, I will admit, but if you hate layers and love warmth, then nothing works better. It is soft, neither itchy nor heavy, and if taken care of properly can last for several years. I dislike sweaters in general, but my one cashmere tunic saves me every winter. I would rather purchase one or two high quality and wear them all season long (and for years to come). Bonus: Mid to late January is when all of the cashmere is on sale, so its the best time to pick one up. I choose classic colors and shapes, since these are staples I do not want to re-buy. Also navy or pastel sweater with white jeans can be worn into Spring.  

4. MINI SPACE HEATERS. It was my first winter of graduate school in Miami Beach. The temperatures dropped into the 30's and my studio did not come with a heating system. The tile floors were cold. Very cold. Very very cold. I typed my finals in gloves and a coat. It was ridiculous. One of my dear college friends, after hearing me moan, sent me check and cut outs of small space heaters. I bought two. And I have toted them around from apartment to apartment ever since. It won't kill your electric bill and sometime your furnace (if you have one) needs a boost. To this day it was one of the most thoughtful presents I have received. 

5. VITAMIN D. Rainbow Light has Raspberry Vitamin D gummies. If feel down, depressed, may be that your body is not getting enough Vitamin D due to the lack of natural sunlight. This is the main cause for Seasonal Affectedness Disorder (SAD). SAD is a real thing, trust me I have it. It is estimated that it affects a higher percentage of the population, and women are more likely to be affected. One easy way to combat nature's depressingly grey days is to pop one of these in your mouth. So good! I keep a bottle in my desk....again $14 is expensive, but for .28 cents a gummy it is a cheap cure for the winter blues. 

6. PAUL MITCHELL SKINNY SERUM. In Miami, a little stylist recommended this serum. At $18 it was expensive for a poor graduate student. But she insisted it would "cure" my sun bleached (read fried) tresses. This winter I found my hair parched and no amount of heat protection products or conditioners seemed to help. I was avoiding the hair salon for fear they would chop it all off. As I was going through my dresser, I came the serum tucked away with my bikini and sunglasses, as I only used it is the summer. Can I just say I re-fell in love. One week of two squirts a day for my thirsty hair and it is finally silky again. I don't know what miracles are stored in this bottle, yes I still got the ends trimmed as some of it was simply unsalvageable. However this skinny serum truly saved my hair from annihilation. So, this may just go on my needed to survive list. 



*I do not use affiliate links or receive any monetary contribution. All of these products I purchased with my own money and use on a regular basis. 

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