1.  A different perspective on the role U.S. Presidents have played in foreign conflicts. The most fascinating observation was although historians (unfortunately) tend to let Presidents off the hook when it comes to genocide, they are critical when the President's foreign policy has weakened American power and done little to improve peace and stability in the world. 

2. The Daily Page: 3 years post MFA and my writing has slowed down to a mere trickle. While I write for work every day, let's face it proposal work isn't the same. To nurture my creative side, these daily prompts, and accountability (let's be real!!) I hope will lead to more fruitful creative year. 

3. Banana. Let's just say I snatched up a few bracelets, this one, this one, this one, and last by not least this.  Banana and AT are the two brands, I trust for jewelry that will not tarnish the first time you wear it. The 40% off of sales, is the best time to add new jewelry to your collection. And I loved the mixed metals, as you can wear with either gold or silver! I chose these for work, while I tend to favor diamond or pearl studs, my bracelets are where I like to mix it up. Also, this navy dress is both understated, classic, and feminine. 

4. Shay Cochrane, I just love her, used 1SE app to record a second from each day of 2016 for a video of the year. She wanted to capture the everyday moments! I love creating yearly videos, and instantly downloaded the app.....and its Jan 6th and I still have taken a single video. I keep waiting for that perfect moment...which is not the point (honesty stings). Do it!! Capture the ordinary, I wish I had taken more photos of ordinary moments. I lost so much of my 20's waiting for the "perfect picture moment". 

5. Papa Fransisco. Today is the Epiphany, where the three wise men present the Christ Child with gold, frankincense, and myrrh. And then three wiser women come the next day bringing diapers, casseroles, and formula (teasing). However Papa Francisco said that the wise men didn't wait for the star. They began their journey and the star led them. We won't always get a sign, we must begin walking in faith trusting we are being led by Him who is Love. 

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