Peace I Leave You

My Peace I Give To You


It is May. We are five months into 2015. I have made an effort to focus on "Peace" as my word for the year and although the past few months have had their moments, no storm can shake my inmost calm. The more I think about peace the more I find it hiding in plain sight. 

Several years ago Bryan gave me The Anatomy of Peace as a present and the echo that repeated was how can we strive to be peacemakers when our own hearts are combative. Who am I to go out into the world and attempt to bring about peace and reconciliation when I myself was not at peace. Mother Teresa said, War and Peace Begin in the Home. One could easily rewrite this to say War and Peace Begin in the Human Heart

In order for me to find peace, I had to go into my own heart. This is never an entirely pleasant experience because there are wounds I stubbornly refuse to heal, hurts that have scarred over that I attempt to ignore, confusion, wrongs, injustices, anger, and betrayals. The human heart is messy, yet it is the source of life.

To begin to fight for peace, we must begin to heal. There is peace in healing. There is peace in surrendering. There is peace in forgiving and letting go. There is peace in acceptance. 

My Peace I give to you.