Christmas Eve Reflections

As I write this, I am sitting in the velvet chairs we inherited from my Grandmother, staring at an almost finished Christmas tree and drinking a glass of sangria. It sounds beautiful, however I have left out the presents that still need wrapping, and the tissue scattered across the floor that needs to be put back in the box. This past year has flown by and it is hard to imagine that it is Christmastime again. It was a year with a few high points, however much of it was filled with tears, frustration, and what seemed to be failures. Life, like our living room floor at the moment, is messy. As the weeks of advent have gone by I have pondered what Christmas is all about. Of course the usual answers came to mind such as the birth of Our Lord, Love Incarnate, the Virgin Birth, a Savior is Born, and the usual things we think about this time of year. 

However there was one thought that haunted me. Our Lord never had a brilliant career, he never owned a house, he didn't drive a car, he was not a widely published author, he never held public office, he did not paint a masterpiece, his only clothing was gambled away, and he died with nothing at 33. By today's standards he would have been a failure, a dreamer, perhaps even crazy? Yet his birth, life, and death was the defining moment of man's history. The glory of one single life has forever changed the destiny of each human being. God became man. Unto us a Savior is born!

This year has been one of questions, and as I look forward to 2015 I hope to find a year of answers. This Christmas Eve though, I have learned the greatest answer of all. Christmas is about saying yes to God. It is about welcoming the tiny infant into our messy lives. He is the light that radiates through our brokenness. Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him, Christ Our Lord.  

Merry Christmas!!

Barbara Lisette 

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