Life Begins Again

I have been home for the past week visiting family and friends.  It has been almost six years since I have relished a D.C. autumn, and oh is it blissful! There is a part of me that does not want to return to Houston. Walking over brick sidewalks, waking up to the crisp air, drinking apple cider, and seeing the lone leaf drift lazily I am filled with all the possibilities this single glorious life allows us.  I have been reminded of the famous quotation from one of America's beloved writers.


If your fingers grew lazy in the summer sun and the journals and sketchbooks collected dust, pull them out, take a long walk, and put on your poetic glasses. The world longs for a writer's eye. Capture your thoughts here or tweet them at @pumpsandblack. I look forward to your sublime similes and meticulous metaphors as you poetically pontificate your prose.


Barbara LisetteComment