Mi Piace

I am inspired by patterns, textures, colors, photographs, moments that make you pause; our world is brimming with beauty. Yet so often our gaze is focused on the banal, grotesque horror. While we cannot deny tragedy, it is vital that we seek out beauty. Our souls were made to embrace that which is pleasing as it reminds us of the glory of our Creator. 


Here are a few images that inspired me this past week:  

I love Moorish Architecture! This reminds me of the tile work one would find in Morrocco! The colors and patterns, arches and columns....would you want to be twirling inside such a place? I would! 


All who know me know I am a sucker for heels. I love the white and black pattern on this particular pair of heels! I have a collection of black and white paintings that I worked on during my time in Miami and in a way these remind me of them. Patterns are fascinating, from Fibonacci sequences to rhyming couplets, they are stimulating and intriguing and beautiful in their regimented artistry. 

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