Weekend Wishes

I was reading some comments made by a poet on the questions that artists receive in terms of their work process. The answer was that what works for one artist may not work for another, and thus does it matter if someone else works better in the predawn, if you are someone who relishes moonlight? There is a common theme that has been floating through the past 6-9 months of my life: Each person is unique and their life can never be replicated. In fact it is that very individuality which creates the artists we become.  


So this weekend I challenge you to go do something creative. Guard the lingering delicate artistic spirit inside of you! Take a walk and really look at everything around you. Cook a meal and savor each flavor, each color, each crystallized dripping. Pull out your paints, pastels, pencils. Buy a bouquet of your favorite flowers. Just remember that no one can live this life but you. So embrace whomever it is that you are. In the words of Mary Oliver: 

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?



Barbara LisetteComment