Entreprenuers ARE Artists

Barbara Lisette was born out of an event for the O,Miami Poetry festival this past April.  The event fused verbal lyricism with physical poetry as dancers from the Miami City Ballet performed works choreographed to the poet's work.  

As Ahmed Mori writes, "It was a utopian scene. More than 80 folding chairs faced a chalkboard adorned with multihued verses as coworking campus The LAB Miami hosted a Friday night poetry and ballet commission as part of the O, Miami Poetry Festival. Tables of complimentary wine and desserts flanked Minerva Cueva’s égalité mural, a defaced Evian ad profiling the archetypal French revolutionary adage, the peer-progressive slant of which mirrors The LAB’s goal: to provide an urban home for a very mobile creative class. The crowd is worlds away from the Miami of reality-TV lore, marked by subdued perfume scents and less discernible accents." http://miamirail.org/summer-2013/culture-brokers/

In our current society there are many opportunities to build, to create, to bring art where it has not gone before, and with these opportunities lie challenges and competition. Mori's article begins with a quotation that encapsulates this vision: “I think entrepreneurs ARE artists, so is anyone who does human work, work that might fail, work that connects us.”