Making Time for Creativity

As artists it can be challenging to make time for our creative work, especially if our full time job is not in an artistic field per se. However it is essential to our being to continue to use our artistic muscles so to speak.

Often times, and here I can speak for myself, frustrated artists are those who are not actively engaged in creation. The following suggestions come from a list I created, to ensure my own artistic tranquility:

  • Start with broad goals. Take a moment to think about what makes you happy. For me it is painting. So I made the following goal - I will produce one painting a month. 
  • Tell your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, family that this time you take is essential      to your own well-being. There are real life consequences when we ignore this part of us. More importantly tell yourself it is essential.  
  • Try to find at least one day a week you can devote a significant amount of time to moving towards the broad goal.  
  • Each day, find some way to use your creativity. It can be as simple as throwing a different scarf over a work dress or making up haikus about the contents of your kitchen cabinets as you cook dinner. Or flipping through a book that inspires you every now and then.  
  • Most importantly, DO NOT believe the lie that your creativity is unimportant. Life will always have a to do list, there will always be more work to do, but as artists, we must make time for our creative selves. It will make our entire life a happier one.  

I hope you find at least one of these suggestions helpful. As always please feel free to leave any helpful tips of your own. Go inspire the world miei amici!!


Barbara LisetteComment